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Prof. R.V.Patil
Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Telecommunication is one of the principle academic movers at GCOE, which facilitates students to specialize in the field of telecommunication. The main objective of the department is to impart strong background of theory and practical in Radio and Light wave communication including satellite, wireless and Optical Communication Systems, Television Data Communication etc.

The course offered is well known for its applied nature including a strong laboratory equipments and computable academic work. The degree represents an excellent combination of basic engineering science, electronics and telecommunication theory and practice, communication skills and engineering management.

This course is designed for students who wish to become professional engineers in the fields of electronics and telecommunications engineering. The course focuses on the communication systems, electronic control systems ,Digital systems, VLSI Design, DSP,DIP, Microcontroller systems, Radiation & Microwave Computing , Satellite Communication, Computer Communication networks.

The course emphasizes the importance of communication and electronics systems and the applications of principles, developed in the course to the solution of significant practical problems. Workshop and laboratory facilities are utilized by students for the extensive project work that is one of the features of the course. PC and workstation based computing laboratories provide tools for electronic circuit simulation and computer-aided design work.

Departmental library
Department of Electronics & Telecommunication has a separate Departmental Library having more than 243 titles and 255 Books. It has good collection of Academic and general information books which are helpful for research work.

Dept. has organized one week workshop on Advance Embedded System , on 6th September to 12th September 2007.

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